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The human sense of smell is powerful. It triggers three-quarters of the emotions we experience, as well as influencing our memories and behaviours.

The scent of a new car is uplifting. But the passage of time can be cruel. The scents we love quickly fade, pushing the happy memories and emotions we cherish to the back of our minds.

Miami Breeze reverses the passage of time, allowing drivers to reconnect with an old friend – a fresh and invigorating new car scent that is also a distinctive, living and breathing identity.

Miami Breeze Neuwagenduft - Vision
Miami Breeze Neuwagenduft - Vision

The first chapter of the Miami Breeze story was penned in 2018 when a friend of our CEO wanted to buy a new car. Why? Because his current one had lost its ‘factory-fresh’ fragrance. A strong position to take. But one that underlined the power and importance of interior scent to this particular driver.

Determined to help his friend find a more cost-effective solution, our CEO searched the automotive care market for a product that would bring the new-car scent back – and last. The options were disappointing.

He therefore decided to take matters into his own hands. Using his automotive contacts in and around Porsche’s home city of Stuttgart, he established an R&D team in Germany to formulate a range of interior products that not only feature a distinctive new car scent, but one that speaks to a luxurious lifestyle.

Miami Breeze was born.

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